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By Taylor Campos

Coming to theaters April 15th is a 3-D comedy-adventure you are not going to want to miss! From the creators of the Ice Age films, Carlos Saldanha presents his masterpiece Rio.

Rio is a heartwarming story about a blue Macaw, a very rare bird, named Blu. Blu has adapted to living with Linda, his owner and best friend, in a small town in Minnesota.

Nerdy, but adorable, fun loving Blu and Linda both share a passion for books.

Blu is originally from Rio de Janeiro, born in the lavish rainforest of Brazil.  Not long after his birth Blu was taken from the rain forest, to Minnesota.

Jordan Romero: Reaching the Top - The Youngest Kid to Climb Mount Everest

By Taylor Campos and the Kids News, Inc. Team

Jordan  Romero

As children, our crazy imaginations wander into what certain adventures would be like, but as we get older we soon forget about those dreams and get caught up in our everyday lives. However, the storyline goes a little different for Jordan Romero.

When Jordan was a very young boy, he had seen a painting hanging in his school depicting the seven continent’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest and dreamed of going there. And sure enough at the age of thirteen, he had climbed it! Not only did Jordan climb Mt. Everest, but he climbed six of the seven highest points on each continent.

Jordan Romero, 13, explained, “When I got to the top (of Mt. Everest) I raised my arms and pumped my fist. I was really proud.”



by Daniel Dodaro

Pair of Kings"Pair of Kings" is a tv show about two fraternal twins who live in Chicago and discover that they are the twins of a King and Queen.  But, their parents have passed away and they are left with the throne!  In the show they go on many adventures and usually find trouble. Monday at 8 pm on Disney XD.

The twins are Brady played by Mitchel Musso ("Hannah Montana" and "Phineas and Ferb") and Boomer played by Doc Shaw (The Suite Life on Deck" and "Tyler Perry's House of Payne").  Brady and Boomer  must learn how to adjust to typical teen life on the island of Kinkow.

Imagine Mason, played by Geno Segers, as the Royal Adviser to the Throne of the island of Kinkow coming to your home and telling you the news of your privileged lineage!  Kelsey Chow ("One Tree Hill") rounds out the cast as Mason's adorable daughter.

I intervewed Ryan Ochoa, 14, "who plays Lanny", the twin's devilish cousin and a wanabeee, who wants to be king more than anything in the world.  But, his cousins are in line for the throne first.  Throughout the show, Lanny, tries to get rid of his cousins so he can become king.  The two new kings do not know it, but Lanny is a major problem to their survival as kings.

Vampires, and Werewolves and Fans, Oh My!

By Rebecca Pauley

It was said to be one of the hottest days of summer so far, but the Piazza at  Schmidt’s, located in Philadelphia, was still exploding with excitement. The third sequel of the Twilight Saga was soon opening in theaters and fans were buzzing.

Girls painted their faces white, with red face paint looking like blood dripping down their chin. Others had arguments about who was the best character. Some answered questions about “Twilight” so they could win cool prizes. “Twilight” T-shirts and posters and even cookies that sparkled were sold. Fans of all ages were screaming and cheering for hours on end.

Meanwhile, a second Blockbuster movie, “The Last Airbender,” was poised for its debut the same week. This movie was directed by one of Hollywood’s best storytellers, M. Night Shyamalan, and brought a well-loved television show, “Avatar”, to the big screen. “The Last Airbender”, akin to “Eclipse”, brought thousands of fans, adults and children alike, to theaters all around the country.

Both international phenomenons have the well-known actor, Jackson Rathbone, portraying a lead character in it. In “Eclipse”, we see Jackson as the dark, mysterious Jasper Hale. In “The Last Airbender” we meet Sokka, a sensitive young man who protects his sister.

I got the chance to sit down and talk with Jackson Rathbone, along with the fun-loving Bronson Pelletier, who portrays Jared, a member of the Twilight Saga wolf pack.



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