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by Danielle  Sakowitz

PickensIt’s so easy to imagine the world 50 years from now. Children playing beneath spinning windmills on every suburban house’s lawn. Solar panels topping the roof of every home. Battery powered cars whoosh by on highways. That’s if we listen to T. Boone Pickens.

T. Boone Pickens is a multi-billionaire, founder of one of America’s largest oil companies; chairman of a hedge fund, and surprisingly to some a passionate environmentalist.

“You can be an environmentalist and also be an oil producer, and that’s the way I always saw myself. So I never felt like I destroyed anything. The environment to me was always very important. So drilling a hole in the ground you could still be an environmentalist,” describes Pickens.

I was invited into T. Boone Pickens’ world and my passport was .  You can learn a lot in a short amount of time speaking with him.

Pickens, still active and outspoken at the age of 81, is speaking up and against about the United States’ dependency on foreign oil.

I Can Be Confident All By Myself

By Nolan Syers

Kwesi BoakyeLast Thursday, I had the opportunity to interview one of the brightest, young, up-and-coming stars of our generation. His name is Kwesi Boakye.

He is 11 years old and he’s been acting his whole life. His recent role was in the newest Tyler Perry movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”.

I also spoke with his mother.  She was very heart-warming and friendly.  She made me feel welcome. I then spoke to a very confident Kwesi.  He listened carefully and was ready for his interview.

Kwesi answered in a very polite voice. As I started to talk and ask him questions, I noticed that he was very intelligent and very mature for his age.  He has worked with adults his whole life. He's been an actor for most of his life.

My first question was how he started in the acting business.

 “My mom says, when we were at the Fox Rivers mall, an agent came up to us, and she said she wanted to sign me. My mom said she would look into it, and she actually looked into it. The rest was history," he explained.

Max Records: King of the “Wild Things”

By Rebecca Pauley                                 

Max trudged through the dense forest, unaware of where he was. He ripped through the trees draped before him, the paws of his wolf costume getting caked with mud. The air was thick and dark, and he was squinting to see anything he could.

Finally, there was an opening in the trees and he scooted forward to see what was ahead of him. He saw moving shadows. Giant, moving, dark shadows all close to a crackling fire.  One shadow approached the fire and Max gasped, shocked by what he saw…

As kids, we use our imaginations to get us through confusing times. Every child has the gift of a vivid imagination, including Max. In “Where the Wild Things Are,” Max uses his imagination to help him through his own emotional bewilderment.  While watching the movie, you are made to believe that Max sailed to an unknown island in the middle of no where, and is crowned king of seven gigantic monsters, who, even though are a friendly bunch, portray the emotions that Max has to face.

I got the chance to interview the actor of this “king” of the Wild Things, Max Records and I realized that he is gifted with the great imagination and perseverance that his character has.

By Austin Kroeger
ShortsThe movie "Shorts" premieres on August 21 starring William H. Macy, Jon Cryer and Jimmy Bennett.  The movie is a magical theme of adventure and comedy set in the suburbs of a small town where everyone works for the same company.

11 year old Toe Thompson is a boy that is troubled by bullies in school.  He tries making new friends until a rainbow colored rock falls from the sky and hits him on the head.  This changes EVERYTHING.  The rock grants wishes to anyone who holds it.

The neighborhood turns into mayhem of spaceships, crocodiles and giant boogers.  Toe joins forces with his new friends to try to save the town and keep the rock out of the hands of the adults.  This film is a real family friendly movie.

ShortsJimmy Bennett who performs the part of Toe Thompson and I had a talk about his career and Shorts I began by asking him how he got into acting.  He said he was interested since he was six years old! He went on many auditions including Daddy Daycare.

 “Daddy Daycare was the first movie I was in and then I was hooked on a movie career”.  

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