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By Daniel Dodaro

Harry PotterThe new sequel for the Harry Potter series opened this past Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This movie brought in 22.2 million for its midweek midnight showing, the most than any other film; beating The Dark Knight by 4 million dollars. After being at the premier and seeing the excitement of the actors and their adoring fans, I must say the movie did produce all the excitement, suspense and fantasy that Warner Bros promised.

From the first scene to the last I was kept at the edge of my seat.  The movie made me worry if Harry Potter was going to make it through O.K. or would he turn to his darker side. Was he going to be abandoned by his friend Ron Weasley or other characters because of the impossible position Harry finds himself? He must either fight and defeat Lord Voldemort or would he be destroyed?

The movie's opening scene started where the Order of the Phoenix ended. I then was faced with the Death Eaters entering the Muggle world and destroying a bridge, nearly killing many muggles. That was the first 5 minutes. The scenes appeared darker in imaging, foretelling what was coming-more conflict for Harry. Surprising the earlier part of the film was a lighter atmosphere, where the relationships between the characters were played up, more than any other film.

 By FKO! Cub Reporter Danielle Azzolina

iCarlyLike the character she plays [Carly Shay] on the hit show “iCarly” Miranda Cosgrove is bubbly, friendly and super nice! But she said she doesn’t always have all the answers like Carly seems to in her real life.

“iCarly” on Nickelodeon is a cool and very original show that revolves around the antics and relationships of three friends.
Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is the level headed one, Sam  (Jenette McCurdy) is always getting into trouble and sometimes brings her friends along for the ride, Freddie (Nathan Kress)  has a total crush on Carly and is the tech. guy for the shows website, and  the really hilarious Jerry Trainor who plays Carly’s older brother and guardian  Spencer. Spencer is SO funny he can make anyone LOL!!

By Rebecca Pauley

“If don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.” The inspiring author of this quote is the dynamo behind more than 5,000 songs, 26 No.1 country singles, more than 100 million record sales, a Country Music Award (10 times) and a Grammy (7 times), and an inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame...But that’s not all.

She also established her own theme park named Dollywood, and to top it all off, a foundation called Imagination Library for kids. By now, you could probably guess who I'm writing about: Dolly Parton!

She has motivated millions to take the road they want to take in life, just like herself! I got the opportunity to interview Dolly, and soon I realized that she is more than I would ever expect! She really is a true role model.
by Daniel Dodaro

DanielYou could say Baubillious or baw-Bill-ee-us (a bright bolt of light from  the tip of a wand) to describe the spell that was cast on a waving sea of Harry Potter fans on July 9, 2009 in New York City.

Hundreds and hundreds of obsessed fans awaited the arrival of their Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince idols that night at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City!

There was magic in the air as the throbbing crowd recreated the magic of Hogwarts mystical oneness with a dark rainbow of wizard hats and robes. Harry Potter glasses mysteriously reflected lights from everywhere at once, and even well rehearsed chants of "Harry Potter lives at Hogwarts forever" rang through the crowd!

There were many police officers and security there making sure the fans did not get too carried away. They had barricades blocking the red carpet, so no fans could race onto the red carpet. The atmosphere was so EEEEEELECTRIC!

The first actor to arrive was Daniel Radcliffe. He jumped out of his car to greet his fans. Daniel Radcliff was soon followed by Tom Felton, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint and Freddie Stroma. All of these actors jumped out of their cars too early, and they ran towards the screaming fans.

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