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Exclusive interview with LUCAS TILL
by FKO! Cub Reporter Danielle Azzolina

Riding HorsesLucas Till is the kind of guy who would really be fun to hang out with.  Your mom and dad might not know Lucas Till's work yet, but I'm sure if you're a tween like me YOU KNOW!
The teen played Johnny's Cash's younger brother in the movie Walk the Line and has acted in television commercials since a very young age.
Lucas plays Travis Brody a “sort of” boyfriend to Miley Cyrus in the movie, "Hannah Montana: The Movie". Hearing this and all the rumors around the media that Lucas and  Miley are dating in real life, I had to ask!  “So, are you dating Miley in real life?”  “No, I’m not.  We are friends.” He said.

What’s the movie about I asked him.


“Well, it’s about Miley, as Hannah Montana , who is becoming a little too cocky and a little too into her career.  So her dad decides that she needs to go back home against her will. She finds out who she really is over the course of the movie by going back home and away from the city," he explained.

Lucas said it the movie was actually filmed in Tennessee.  I asked Lucas if the movie had a message for the viewers.
His reply was, “I’d say the message is that sometimes you can get lost in things, such as your career, and you loose yourself. And sometimes you need to go back home to find out who you really are.”
My next question was if anything unexpected or funny happened while they were filming the movie.
“Well actually yeah, it seemed like everyday something funny or unexpected happened because I was working with Miley!  That’s just the way she is. That’s how things go when you’re working with her. I couldn’t single out one experience because everyday was a fun and interesting experience working with her!” he insisted.
You might be wondering how Lucas got the part. How does a young actor get such a part today?

"I sent a tape in from my agent’s office in Atlanta. Then I went to a call back in Nashville, Tennessee and then I went to a screen test in LA, California and I ended up getting the part.” He revealed.
I was really interested in knowing what it was like to work with Miley Cyrus so I asked him.
He laughed and then said, “Oh, a lot of fun. Like I said, it’s unexpected and just funny all the time.  She’s always energetic and there’s never a dull moment when you’re around her!”
And, will we see anyone else in his family in the movies soon. I wondered if anyone else had gotten the acting bug.
“No, my little brother sometimes thinks he wants to because he sees the good parts.  But then when he sees that I actually have to work he says, Nay, I don’t really want to do this anymore. So I’m the only one in my family so far who is in the industry.”
What would your dream part or character part be to play? I couldn't help but ask him.
“Well, you might think this sounds weird but it was already taken by Keith Ledger, who was amazing in the part! When I saw the first Batman and heard that they were going to have The Joker in a film I thought, Wow that would be such an awesome part to play! The psycho, bad guy would be something I’d love to play sometime in my career," he explained.
What do you think is the reason there aren’t many good role models in show business for younger kids I asked him.
“I think it’s because not many of them are very real. People get caught up in their career or their money and they just forget what it’s like to be a normal person.  So, when you’re living that kind of a life style how can you be a good role model to someone who’s living a normal life. We just need more real people out there," he said.
I had read that Lucas likes to write so I asked him what he likes to write about? 
Lucas“Well, I leave the poetry and song writing to others that never really worked out for me. (He laughed. I liked Lit. Class when I was in school and I enjoyed writing creative stories, something that let me use my imagination.” He remembered.
Lucas also likes to work out and keep in shape and test his strength with weights. 
Lucas is moving to LA to pursue his career which I’m sure is going to be great!  He sounds like an actor who tries to be a real person and is grounded. I bet he stays that way.  I can’t wait to see the movie!  Thank you Lucas for the great interview.





Lucas Till photo Courtesy: Osbrink Agency

Hannah Montana Photo Credit: Disney



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