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It really is tooooo coooool !

by Daniel Dodaro

DanielYou could say Baubillious or baw-Bill-ee-us (a bright bolt of light from  the tip of a wand) to describe the spell that was cast on a waving sea of Harry Potter fans on July 9, 2009 in New York City.

Hundreds and hundreds of obsessed fans awaited the arrival of their Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince idols that night at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City!

There was magic in the air as the throbbing crowd recreated the magic of Hogwarts mystical oneness with a dark rainbow of wizard hats and robes. Harry Potter glasses mysteriously reflected lights from everywhere at once, and even well rehearsed chants of "Harry Potter lives at Hogwarts forever" rang through the crowd!

There were many police officers and security there making sure the fans did not get too carried away. They had barricades blocking the red carpet, so no fans could race onto the red carpet. The atmosphere was so EEEEEELECTRIC!

The first actor to arrive was Daniel Radcliffe. He jumped out of his car to greet his fans. Daniel Radcliff was soon followed by Tom Felton, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint and Freddie Stroma. All of these actors jumped out of their cars too early, and they ran towards the screaming fans.
This made it very difficult for the police to keep order, although it charged up the excitement atmosphere even more.
Some of the guests attending the premiere included Kelsey Grammar, Denis Leary, Chevy Chase, Diane Sawyer and Vanessa Williams, and The Littles.

I wanted to get the interviews for and take you there with me. I was able to ask Daniel Radcliff a few questions. I asked him what made this movie different than previous Harry Potter films.

"I think what we tried to do in this one was strike a balance between the darkness. When I read the script I could always yearn for more darkness and more of that real intense stuff because I enjoy doing that. But, hopefully this time we have struck a balance between the darkness and certain comedy in this film. It is a more subtle (not real obvious) comedy, but hopefully people will see how it fits into the film," he explained.
Dan and BonnieI also asked him what Harry is going to do about Dumbledore. He answered, "PANIC! Imagine what can come out of panic."

I also asked him if he could talk about the long awaited kiss in the movie.
“You know people are getting excited about all of this. Hopefully, they won't be disappointed. It really is TENDER. Don't expect too much. I don't expect people to be dropping down in the aisles,” he revealed.
I then asked the lovely Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley what she thought would appeal most to the Harry Potter audience.
"I think in this Harry Potter film it is the romance that happens between Ginny and Harry which is exciting. There are many more intimate (one to one) levels between us. And, there is a really great scene outside the Weasley's house, where the Death Eaters attack the home. They actually properly set to light this massive set! It was really dramatic!" she revealed.
I questioned Warwick Davis who plays Professor Filius Flitwick if this Harry Potter film was darker than the others.
“Yes, I think which each film, the books have matured. As a result of the film being more mature it becomes more intense, a bit more exciting and a bit more grown up...I suppose," he told me.
I then asked an interesting question to David Yates, the director of Harry Potter. I mentioned that this movie has a little more romance and some comedy. I asked him why he put these elements into his movie.
DirectorHe quickly answered. “The joke writing is a real gift to us. We love that sort of stuff. The cast are at that age now. It is just an inevitable (unavoidable) part of growing up.”

I asked him about the mood of this film as compared to the last two.
"There are more strands of lightness due to the comedy infused in the film. We had a really good time making this film. We are aware that we only have a year to go in filming. We really value the time we all have together. We don't take anything for granted," he explained.
I then managed to ask Steve Kloves the screen writer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince what he loved most about writing the screen play for this film.
"I think you know from imagining me in different situations and imagining myself being the characters and what they would do and what they would say. I think it is as simple as that. You know I get to make up stuff...for a living!”
Steve Kloves says he enjoys all of the Harry Potter movies.

“I like them all for different reasons, and that's really the truth,” he admitted.
GroupKelsey Grammar told me he was a big Harry Potter fan and he asked me if I was too.
"Yes, I am,” I replied just like he did.
Next I was able to grab hold of Denis Leary and interview him. I asked him if he enjoyed Harry Potter.

“Ya, I do! I like all the villains because they are the older guys.”
I asked him what character he liked.
"I like Roden Cloner, but I also like the Ray Fiennes character. What is his name?” he asked me!
I reminded him it was Voldemort.
"Yeah, Voldemort, I like him a lot," he replied.
DanielSo, when you check out this new Harry Potter film you will bathe in the usual darkness, but you might find yourself finding a few laughs underneath all the layers of darkness!


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