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By Daniel Dodaro

Harry PotterThe new sequel for the Harry Potter series opened this past Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This movie brought in 22.2 million for its midweek midnight showing, the most than any other film; beating The Dark Knight by 4 million dollars. After being at the premier and seeing the excitement of the actors and their adoring fans, I must say the movie did produce all the excitement, suspense and fantasy that Warner Bros promised.

From the first scene to the last I was kept at the edge of my seat.  The movie made me worry if Harry Potter was going to make it through O.K. or would he turn to his darker side. Was he going to be abandoned by his friend Ron Weasley or other characters because of the impossible position Harry finds himself? He must either fight and defeat Lord Voldemort or would he be destroyed?

The movie's opening scene started where the Order of the Phoenix ended. I then was faced with the Death Eaters entering the Muggle world and destroying a bridge, nearly killing many muggles. That was the first 5 minutes. The scenes appeared darker in imaging, foretelling what was coming-more conflict for Harry. Surprising the earlier part of the film was a lighter atmosphere, where the relationships between the characters were played up, more than any other film.

The movie played up the stronger ties between Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione.  There were much more hillarious scenes and comments by the characters that I did not see in the other films. I related more to the characters in this film, imagining myself in their position and how I would feel. Toward the end of the film the darker forces came into play. The action scenes turned out to be riveting, keeping me at the edge of my seat!

Overall this movie was exciting, suspenseful and more personable than other films and delivers what Harry Potter fans want.  I can't wait for the next movie and I will definitely start the next book.



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