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The iStar Charity Foundation - Hoops For Kids
By Daniel Dodaro and John Michael Dodaro

Think of a time when you knew that someone was in need and you didn’t know how to help. Did you think about helping them by playing basketball!  You could do both by playing basketball and looking up the iStar Charity Foundation.

This special foundation helps many people in need involving children and basketball. Some of the Knicks and Harlem Wizards players volunteer to come to this event every year at Madison Square Garden. These players play basketball with different sponsors and kids’ organizations to raise money.  Everyone comes to have fun, meet some of the players and visiting stars and at the same contribute to iStar.


By Taylor Campos

Harlem WizardsIf you had the opportunity, wouldn’t you want a professional basketball team to come to your school and perform for you and all your friends? Well, now you can!

On October 29th the Harlem Wizards came to my school, Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro, NJ, to play against the school faculty and administration, and I had an exciting opportunity to interview some of the players, teachers, and cheerleaders.
Earlier that same day the Harlem Wizards were at Marlboro Middle School standing outside and inside the cafeterias talking to students and getting them excited about that evening’s game. As the students walked to their lunch period in the cafeteria, they were surprised to see the basketball players stopping them and making conversation about the game and how they felt their teachers were going to play.


By Cameron Barnett

Harlem WizardsImagine walking into a gymnasium filled with some of the best basketball players in the world playing as one team in a basketball game against your very own teachers. Then, just imagine these players jumping over your teachers, throwing basketballs behind their backs, and scoring points while helping your school make money for things such as new textbooks, computers, and other state of the art school supplies. Well, on October 29th, 2008, the Harlem Wizards competed in a fund raising basketball game against the teachers of Marlboro Middle School in New Jersey.

The game took place at Marlboro High School, Marlboro, and money was raised for the Marlboro Middle School PTO. On the day of the game, the Harlem Wizards went to Marlboro Middle School and spoke to students about the importance of self esteem and good character.  Echoing the important life lessons of the Wizards, Marlboro Police DARE Officer Eric Hayes, who also spent time with the Wizards and the students and participated in the game said, “My favorite part about this whole program is that it brings people together and raises money for a good cause.” 


Since the Harlem Wizards where first founded in 1962, the team has traveled all around the United States and over seas playing for schools, corporations, and other private events. But, rather than just playing a normal game of basketball, the Harlem Wizards perform tricks on the court such as shooting a basketball behind their backs, or jumping into midair and slamming the ball into the basket, and even jumping over people to make a basket.


 by FKO! Cub Reporter Nolan Syers

Triple H Last Thursday, I had a monumental opportunity. I was going to interview the current World Wrestling Entertainment Champion; Triple H.

My friend, Kyle and I drove from Trenton, NJ, all the way to Stamford, CT. The drive was about two and a half hours, but it was well worth it.

When I arrived at the WWE Headquarters around 9:30, I was greeted in the lobby by a man named Al Stavola. Al is the Publicity Coordinator at the WWE.


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