Pair of Kings


Pair of KingsI asked Ryan Ochoa (“A Christmas Carol”) what he considered the most enjoyable episode he has been in so far.

“I really enjoy every episode because there are new adventures in every episode that are fun for the audience to watch and enjoy,” he said.

I also asked him if any one episode meant the most to him.

“All of the episodes are about brotherhood and how Brady and Boomer have managed their relatonships to go through many challenges together.  I feel the same way about my family and brothers.

“In the show, they are kings now and it is a big step for them.  They need each other to overcome big obstacles together.  When we were growing up together, my  brothers and I had  to do the same things,” he explained.

I had to ask Ryan why he thinks the show is so popular on Disney.

“It is a really fun show and it’s something new that’s really action packed.  It has a lot of stunts in which we wear harnesses all the time.  It’s a fun adventure show that kids can relate to,” he stated.

The next question was what personality traits do you and you character share?  He sounds as if he loves being funny in real life.

He answered quickly,”Well, the character on the show and I share the trait of being really funny.  Behind the scenes we are always laughing and cracking jokes on each other.  We have a good time when we go out to lunch.  We are always laughing and having fun together. It’s fun!

Ryan told me the most memorable Disney movie for him is “The Lion King.”  He feels it is a very good family movie and shows relationships with uncles and dads.  It is a movie he loves to watch all of the time.

I had to ask him if any of the characters in the show understand his fish or if only Lanny does.

Pair of KingsIn the show, it is supposed to be only Lanny, but obviously we all understand him.  Brady and Boomer don’t understand the fish in one episode.  He was talking in front of them, but they could not understand him.  I think it is a funny relationship that me and Yamakoshi share,” he explained.

I was curious if he and the cast were good friends, so I asked him that question.

He happily answered, “Well, yes, we do everything together and I’m going to New York to see Kelsey.  I also went to Mitchel’s concert.  We are always seeing each other off of the set.  We are really close.”

He told me what movie roles he would  like to do in the future.

“I want to be in a sports movie with football or baseball.  I did a baseball movie that was cool!  I also want to do some serious drama, so I can cry and do something fun like that,” he revealed.

He mentioned some of his other interests other than acting.  Watching sporting events didn’t surprise me.

“I am a big football fan.  I love watching and playing football with my brothers who used to play football.
I am a big Raiders fan.  I love the Raiders!  I’m going to meet the Raiders soon. It is going t be a really amazing experience, so I can’t wait,” he revealed..

I also had to ask him what it was like to work with Jim Carrey in “A Christmas Carol.”

“It was so awesome.  I just couldn’t believe it.  He is one of the best actors, so it was cool to be able to shoot a movie with him.  He is amazing and professional and so much fun!

He was really funny too!  He made a lot of funny faces…sometimes just out of the blue.  He is really good with his facial expressions.  Throughout the movie you could tell he is doing something really funny with his facial expressions just like Scrooge would do.  He really is a big role model for me and my family as a comedian,” he related.

Pair of Kings

When you were in the show with iCarly what did you like most about being in the cast,”I asked him.

“We were really close on that show too.  I’m still good friends with all of them.  We all played ping pong and board games tgether.  It was another fun experience to be on iCarly,” he concluded.

Ryan Ochoa is full of enthusiasm and most importanty he makes friends with the casts of the shows he acts in.  It sounds like a job most of us would love too!  I wish him the best and know that his career is only going up and beyond all the fun into his wildest dreams!

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