Marvin Marvin – Out of This World!

Lucas mentioned, “Almost every episode is about him trying to fit in, in some shape or form, and usually messing it up! He tries to get a job at a burger place, he goes on a date, and he pretty much goes through everything any teenager goes through in high school or middle school. Except it’s even more awkward for him because he doesn’t know much about anything”!

Lucas also added; “it’s a family show, so the story line has something everyone can relate to”!

We all know how talented Lucas is, especially considering his accomplishments with “Fred”. Lucas was actually named one of the “10 comics to watch” by Daily Variety and was amongst the “Top Digital Power Players” by Hollywood Reporter. We can only imagine what a huge success “Marvin Marvin” will be after the first few episodes with the talent of Lucas and all his co-stars combined!

Lucas has come a long way since his video series “Fred”. Almost every “Fred” video posted had over a few million views and continued on to “Fred The Movie” and its sequel. However, Lucas can’t wait to show fans another side of himself in “Marvin Marvin”.

Speaking of co-stars, Lucas told kidsnewsinc he got pranked by the other kids on set! “My cast mates were hiding in my dressing room before work! They scared me and one of them was actually video taping it, I think it’s on twitter”.

What Lucas enjoys most about being on set of the show is “performing and working with creative and collaborative people. This is what I love doing so the fact that I get to make a living doing this is really amazing”.

Kidsnewsinc had the opportunity to talk to Lucas about his biggest inspiration, which he informed us, are his parents. Lucas has a rather large family

“I’m one of eight kids and they handled that really well. They really inspire me, and they let everyone in the family try anything they want to try, and I really think some parents wouldn’t be as supportive of me wanting to be an actor. They’re just really amazing parents”.

Even with their hands full Lucas’ parents drove him hours for auditions and always help keep him on track to accomplish his dreams.

Lucas had the opportunity to give the director and writers some ideas for upcoming episodes. Lucas jokingly told kidsnewinc “I pitched the idea that I wanted Honey Boo Boo on the show”!

Acting isn’t Lucas’ only hobby, Lucas also enjoys writing (comedy of course!), and trying new things “I really want to go sky diving, and bungee jumping! I think it would be really cool to go places I’ve never been. My goal this summer is to go somewhere in Europe randomly, like drive to the airport with some friends and don’t plan anything! I think that would be fun”.

Lucas wants to remind his fans “Make sure you watch the show starting on November 24 at 8:30 PM on Nickelodeon because it’s a really fun family show that both parents and their kids can enjoy together. I’m really excited about it”!

You’re not going to want to miss the premiere of “Marvin Marvin” it’s definitely going to be a show worth watching!

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