Both Linda and Blu believe Blu is the last of his species. Then Blu and Linda find out that he isn’t the last of his kind, and in fact there is a female, he reluctantly departs from his small town of Moose Lake and visits Rio de Janeiro to meet Jewel, the last female Macaw. A scientist is hoping to save their endangered species.

Blu has lived in a small town most of his life. Although he has always wanted too, Blu has never learned to fly. However, Blu doesn’t let fear get the best of him in the end! We will see Blu’s character change throughout the course of the story from cowardly and dependent, to more capable and independent from his time with Jewel!

When Blu meets Jewel it is the furthest thing from love at first sight. Although, after time, Blu comes to terms with realizing how hardheaded, stubborn, and strong Jewel is! Not only can Jewel take care of herself, she is also always trying to keep Blu out of trouble throughout their time out in the streets of Rio.

Not long after meeting Jewel, Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by a group of animal smugglers. With the help of some newfound friends (Rafael, Pedro, Nico, and Luiz) and Jewels cunning and clever experience from living in the wild, they escape. Together they commence on an unforgettable journey through the streets of Rio.

More than anything else Blu wants to learn how to fly; he also wants to get back to his best friend Linda. Jewel and Blu’s new friends are determined to help Blu learn how to fly, however they have to be careful because the kidnappers are tearing apart the town looking for them.  

Make sure you don’t miss this fun filled adventure featuring the voices of; Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Mann, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Will.I.Am, Rodrigo Santoro, Jane Lynch, and Jamie Foxx!
Rio is going to be a huge hit for kids of all ages! I am almost sixteen years old and I was still cracking up and having a great time seeing clips from the movie! Rio will have you laughing until it hurts! Even then, you’ll keep laughing!

Make sure you don’t miss this invigorating and adventurous Latin based story where you learn much about courage, friendship and love.

The mastermind behind this story, Carlos Saldanha, was born January 24, 1965, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I had the opportunity to actually interview Mr. Saldanha himself in NYC.

Mr. Saldanha was a very humble man with a very creative mind. The setting, for most of this movie, takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The reason for the setting is because Mr. Saldanha grew up in Brazil and said he wanted to, “Give those in America who watch Rio, a taste of the Brazilian and Latin culture.”

Chatting with Mr. Saldanha he informed me, “I lived in Brazil until I was 22 and still have a lot of family and I love to visit! I visit all the time”

Mr. Saldanha told me that he, “Actually took those who were helping him with the making of Rio, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil so they could make the locations in the movie as accurate as possible”, talk about dedication!

Talking one on one with Mr. Saldanha I found out that originally Carlos wanted to be an animator! Mr. Saldanha’s says the, “Love for sci-fi, cartoons, and Pixar shorts” inspired him.

When talking with Mr. Saldanha he told me he, “Came to the United States and went to school for visual arts and continued to study and learn, and ended up being a director.” Mr. Saldanha directed Ice Age one, two, and three, and co-directed the movie Robots

According to Mr. Saldanha, “The most challenging experience faced making Rio was the realism of Rio de Janeiro, all the little details of the city had to be as accurate as possible!”

“Another incurred challenge was the animation of the feathers on the birds in the movie”, the reason all of this was difficult was that Mr. Saldanha wanted everything precise and with as much detail as possible!

Mr. Saldanha tells Kids News Inc., “A wide variety of culture is involved with Rio, the vibe of Latin music especially.” The beat of Brazilian music is what makes it so unique. Mr. Saldanha actually, “Had the talent of a very famous Brazilian percussionist, Carlinhos Brown, to help him with the soundtrack of Rio.”

Music wasn’t the only thing Mr. Saldanha included to show the cultural differences between Rio de Janeiro. Something very interesting I learned about Brazil from Mr. Saldanha was that, “At almost all hours of the day you can see little marmosets walking around the city, marmosets are little monkeys and as common to see walking around Brazil as it is to see squirrels walking around NYC”.

Mr. Saldanha also included the rivalry between the two soccer teams of Brazil and Argentina. Soccer, also known as futebol, is very popular in Brazil and that is shown throughout the film.

At a point in the movie you will be introduced to the “Carnaval” which, I was informed from Mr. Saldanha, ”Is a very popular Brazilian festival that is help annually!” Mr. Saldanha shows the “Carnaval” as an exciting experience with a lot of song, dance, and celebration.

One of the most important questions I asked Mr. Saldanha was the message he wants to send to those who watch Rio.

Mr. Saldanha responded, “The main message is that you’ve got to believe in yourself, you’ve got to listen to your heart more than you have to listen to your mind sometimes, and you have to face your challenges through your journey growing up”


Getting to meet and talk with Mr. Saldanha was an experience I won’t soon forget; he was an incredible man with an incredible mind! We are all looking forward to seeing Rio! Don’t forget to buy your tickets for April 15th so you get to experience the adventure of Blu and his friends!

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