His roommate, Alvin Ackerman, nicknamed “Shred”  is played by  Jake Goodman, 13,  who  is quick to speak about his character,

“I am kind of like the character I play.  Shred is a heightened version of myself.  I am playing someone  who has  a different personality  t han mine, but for the most part  I am interested in learning.   I’m interested in everything around me but I  don’t come home from school and work on an invention

Shred always worries and  is very uptight, always cautious and always working.   I know how to chill out and relax after school. For the most part, I come home after the show when I’m done learning  my lines, and I go down to  this awesome music room in my parents basement. 

I just like learning songs…it doesn’t matter whether it is a guitar or piano or banjo or drums.  Whatever instrument it is I just love music and I’m learning different songs right now,” he said.

Jonny Gray,  loves snowboarding in real life, and relates what he does to unwind after he tapes a Max and Shred episode.

“ I’ve  been snowboarding for quite a long time now, since I was seven years old.  When I come home from the set I’m pretty tired, but I usually work out.  I go for a run and I make a delicious dinner  and then I…pass out,” he jokes.

Howie Finch,  the nerdy girl next door is played by Saara Choudhry who asks a lot of questions and is annoyingly cute.  Her grownup like observations  are perfectly timed.   Saara  has been featured on “Isabelle Dances in the Spotlight” (American Girl movie) and “ Desperately Seeking, Santa.” (tv movie)

Blizzard Springs High School in Colorado  is a backdrop and the students join in on the crazy antics with some slapstick fun thrown in on the snowboarding slopes.

In the first episode we are treated to Alvin’s  disposal  garbage invention, but  when  Max takes his place to demonstrate  Shred’s   invention  for a  school science project prize it fizzles out.

When Shred  is pushed  to the slopes after impersonating Jonny to be more popular and hip at Blizzard Springs High School  he does an awkward chicken like dance on the high slopes.  He lands shakily on his feet to everyone’s relief.

Both boys grew up  in Canada and now make the United States their home now.   Jake Goodman studied musical theatre at the Randolph Academy in Toronto, Canada.

Both boys have distinct tastes in popular culture.  Jonny Gray loves comedies and Jake Goodman is going through an X-Man phase.

Jake Goodman who plays  Alvin Ackerman is only 13 year old but has a long list of movie and tv  credits to his name.  Some of his credits include Spencer Foster in “Life With Boys”, (tv series) )  “The Strange and Eerie Memoirs  of  Billy  Wuthergloom,” (movie)  Saving Hope” (tv series)  “ Silent Witness” (tv movie,)” She’s The Mayor,”(tv series) )  “The Two Mr. Kissels” (  tv movie) and  other film and tv credits.

Jonny Gray  who plays  Max Asher has had parts  in “ Annedroids”  (tv movie) and a paranormal activity documentary,   entitled  “Paranormal Witness.”

Somewhat like his character, Max Asher,  Jonny Gray  is a kid who likes action.

“ I really love comedies, but I am a Super Hero type of guy, I love Batman,  the Avengers,  Superman and most the Super Heros out there.”

Jonny Gray’s   love and fascination for elephants  gave him what he calls “ a life changing experience”  in 2012  when he was chosen as a roving kid elephant reporter  from a pool of kids throughout North America to go to Thailand with his mother.

Gray  covered  The King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament  in Thailand  that year. The worldwide charity raises  money  to keep elephants safe from poachers and places them in cleaner, safer and more humane  environments.

Jake Goodman who plays  Alvin “Shred” Ackerman,   explains that  his love of music parallels (matches)   his love for acting.

“I’m not the biggest movie guy.  People on the set tease me for not watching more movies. I like to watch Drake and Josh and Victorious on Nickelodeon.  I just got into video games..something called the Skyroom.  I was never  known to play too many video games but I like it.

Right now I’m reading a business book on inventing for fun. But, what is really important is a solid book on all the Beatles songs I’m reading cause that  is how I learn my Beatles songs,” he explained.

If you look closely on the internet you can find Jake Goodman at four years old on youtube  with his father singing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.

When reminded of one of his first debuts in show business  he  says ,”Oh, I’m a much better musician  now,”  and he  explains it away…a bit like Alvin “Shred” Ackerman.

I really enjoyed watching the first  episode of Max and Shred called Haircub 360 and found myself smiling and laughing aloud.   The awkwardness and charm of being a teen and finding yourown place and identity in the world is full of challenges  and surprises.  This show  lets us all laugh at growing up.

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