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iCarlyLike the character she plays [Carly Shay] on the hit show “iCarly” Miranda Cosgrove is bubbly, friendly and super nice! But she said she doesn’t always have all the answers like Carly seems to in her real life.

“iCarly” on Nickelodeon is a cool and very original show that revolves around the antics and relationships of three friends.
Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is the level headed one, Sam  (Jenette McCurdy) is always getting into trouble and sometimes brings her friends along for the ride, Freddie (Nathan Kress)  has a total crush on Carly and is the tech. guy for the shows website, and  the really hilarious Jerry Trainor who plays Carly’s older brother and guardian  Spencer. Spencer is SO funny he can make anyone LOL!!


Dan Schneider is the very talented  guy who not only produces the i Carly show but also produced another top rated show on Nickelodeon that Miranda had a co-staring role in, The Drake & Josh show.

iCarly is so different from any other TV show.  Along with the show itself there is a web site called iCarly.com which is part of the TV show.  So fans can actually interact with the show!  How cool is that!

As soon as my interview with one of my most favorite actresses Miranda Cosgrove started I could tell it was going to be fun!  Miranda is so easy to talk to and so nice it was hard to believe that someone so successful could be so normal and so nice!  Miranda plays the part of Carly Shay so perfectly that I wondered if the show was written for her.

 “Well, the show was written for me because I did Drake and Josh with Dan Schneider. I knew about the show for about five or six years.  Dan had about three or four ideas for a show and “iCarly” was definitely  my favorite so when it was the one chosen I was really excited.” Miranda said.

I wondered if her real life experiences were ever written into the show.

“So far we haven’t put anything that actually happens to me in real life into any of the episodes. It’s funny though because the character Sam is actually a lot like a real friend of mine and it just happened that way it’s pretty funny.” Said Miranda.

iCarlyWhat do you think is Miranda’s favorite thing about being on the show and what are the challenges.

I asked her and she said, “I really like playing that character. I like the way she always knows what to do and when things go wrong she always comes up with plans and stuff and she’s pretty nice too.

I also like getting all the videos the kids send in. It’s fun to watch them because they’re really crazy sometimes! Like one guy sent in a video and he squirts milk out of his eyes and recently a girl sent in a video where she puts her glasses on with her feet, it’s just fun to watch them.”

Something really cool is coming for fans like me this season, Miranda said she did a movie called, “ iGo to Japan” where Carly gets to do some really crazy things like “I got to pretend to parachute out of an airplane. We just got to do a lot of really crazy and fun things filming the movie. Also this season I think I’m getting my first boyfriend on the show which is pretty cool.  Who is it? It’s a secret. You’ll have to watch the show,”she  explained.

You’ve probably heard Miranda’s new CD, iCarly, I wondered if the song “Stay My Baby” was written for anyone in particular.

“No. ”Miranda said. “The song was actually written by this guy Max Martin and another girl and I just really loved it and we decided to have it on the CD. Because I didn’t write it I didn’t have anyone in mind.  It’s funny because all my guy friends ask me who I was thinking about when I did the video and I was like I don’t know it was really weird”, Miranda said.

Miranda writes lyrics on her own CD but not for the iCarly CD which has many different artists and songs on it. Miranda’s got a great singing voice and has taken singing lessons for years. On the theme song to iCarly there’s a familiar face, Drake Bell who played her brother in The Drake & Josh show a musician all kids know accompanies Miranda on Guitar and lyrics.

What do your on screen brothers Drake and Josh think about your new show I asked. (Miranda co-stared in The Drake & Josh show on Nickelodeon.  Miranda played Megan the mischievous little sister to Drake and Josh.)

Miranda said, “Oh they think it’s cool. When we were doing Drake and Josh and they found out about the show they would joke about it. They were suppose to direct an episode last season so hopefully they will this year. We also just did a Drake and Josh movie due out at Christmas time and it was really fun to work together again.”

I’m sure that you’ve seen the clips of regular kids doing cool or really funny stuff after the “iCarly” show and I wanted to know if the clips are really sent in from real fans and Miranda said, “Oh yeah they’re real clips and I really enjoy them.”

She also went on to say, “I really like watching the clips at the end of the show too especially the goofy or crazy ones! The show iCarly has a team of people for the website that watch all the videos sent in by kids. They select about seven videos to pick from. 

iCarlySometimes we get to see them and tell them which ones we like. And Dan Schneider who produces the show gets to see them too. Then they narrow it down to about two and they’re the ones that get on the show. So send in your videos kids!”

I asked Miranda why there don’t seem to be many good role models (Miranda’s an exception!) in show business for kids and she said, “I think there are, like Ann Hathaway and I really like Rachael Mcadams I think their good role models, they really aren’t in the tabloids, and so I think there are some.” She said.


Do all the cast members hang after the show or on free time?

“Oh yeah.” Miranda said.  “ We’ll do stuff on Fridays and we hang out and get together and I play around with Jerry who plays my brother on the show, he’s REALLY funny and we all have a lot of fun together.” Miranda said.

What does Miranda think is the most important quality in a BF?

“I think someone you can say anything to. My best friend is someone I’ve known for a long time and we
talk on the phone constantly we’re always doing stuff together. She tells me who she has crushes on and what’s going on at school and I tell her about stuff on the set and it’s really cool.” Miranda expressed.

After speaking with Miranda I’d say her qualities of being SO nice, VERY energetic and REAL are a very big reason why “iCarly” is so believable , so popular and so much fun to watch!  If you like to LOL then I’m sure you’re an iCarly fan like me!


Photos provided by Lisa Rose / Nickelodeon

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