Jordan Romero

Jordan Romero: Reaching the Top – The Youngest Kid to Climb Mount Everest

By Taylor Campos and the Kids News, Inc. Team

Jordan  Romero

As children, our crazy imaginations wander into what certain adventures would be like, but as we get older we soon forget about those dreams and get caught up in our everyday lives. However, the storyline goes a little different for Jordan Romero.

When Jordan was a very young boy, he had seen a painting hanging in his school depicting the seven continent’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest and dreamed of going there. And sure enough at the age of thirteen, he had climbed it! Not only did Jordan climb Mt. Everest, but he climbed six of the seven highest points on each continent.

Jordan Romero, 13, explained, “When I got to the top (of Mt. Everest) I raised my arms and pumped my fist. I was really proud.”


We all have no doubt that his next adventure on the Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s highest peak at 16,067 ft., will be a success great enough to beat the world record of the youngest person to climb the seven highest peaks on the seven continents. He already accomplished being the youngest kid, ever, to climb Mt. Everest!

Jordan RomeroFor those of you who are wondering, Jordan climbed Mt. Everest with a team. The Everest team, who were the first family to stand together on the summit consisted of Jordon, his father, his step mom, and the Sherpas (Ang, Dawa, and Kharma).

In his interview with Kids News, Inc., Jordan stated many times that his team was truly amazing and without their support, none of this would be possible. Jordan shared his confidence in his team and in himself about climbing.


“I don’t really have any fears about climbing. I know that our team is prepared and that I have trained for what we are doing. I know that we are ready and that we will take care of each other. I know the consequences of mistakes and I have a big respect for the mountain.”

Jordan’s team really believed in him and never doubted his abilities for a second. Because of the faith in his team, Jordan did not fear climbing Mt. Everest, and he was confident his team would make all the right, and safe, decisions.

He further revealed, “I am aware of the dangers, but I never feel in danger because my team is so prepared. I try to remember that it is all for fun. I trust my team and know that we will make safe decisions.”

But what was the most difficult aspect of the journey, Kids News, Inc.  reporters wanted to know?

Jordan replied, “I think the toughest thing was being away from home for so long. I really missed my Mom, my sister and my friends.”

Jordan recalled, though he had the support of his team, his first line of support was from his family.

He added, “When I first came home from school and told my Dad what I wanted to do, he said ok, but that it would take a lot of training and commitment to get there. Having my Dad and Karen with me only made our summit success that much sweeter. We are the first family ever to reach the top of Mt. Everest. 

We have climbed six of the seven summits together. That kind of experience has made us a really great team, something you usually don’t see in the mountain climbing world.”

But how can someone so young be able to grasp so much about climbing and its dangers?

Jordan replied, “Age has very little impact on your ability to climb. It really is all about the right preparation, your experience and capabilities as a climber, and for me, the team you climb with. My whole family believes, and we have proven, the safest and most successful way to climb is as a team that knows each other well.”

He further revealed, “We really never felt in danger, and if we did, we were prepared to turn back at any time.”

Jordan RomeroTo ensure his success, Jordan packed his lucky rabbit’s foot plus, he adds, “a pair of kangaroo testicles for my little friend Nigel, a cross form my grandfather and a beaded necklace from my friend Doug. Also, I had some good luck seeds and rice that were blessed by a Monk near the base camp.”

Jordan found it interesting to learn about the people and culture around Mt. Everest. He joked, “It is obviously very different from Big Bear Lake, CA!”

He also got to experience how little oxygen there really was up that high in the mountains.

“I think the thing that surprised me the most was just how little oxygen there really is when you are up that high. It is the oxygen factor and the weather that make it hard to reach the top of Mt. Everest,” he stated.

For a boy as young as thirteen, his mature thoughts and actions should help him succeed all throughout his life

Even though the final part of the climb took 15 hours, Jordan Romero said that it was worth it.   

“Everest is the highest mountain in the World, and the last summit from Camp three to the top was particularly hard because of the elevation and the lack of oxygen. Also, it was really, really cold, he exclaimed.”

At the top of Mt. Everest when Jordan raised his arms and pumped his fist, the feeling that rushed through him must have been so overwhelming!

He recalled, “I was really proud that I accomplished my goal.  And, it was really cool to call my Mom and say I am standing on top of the world!”

Not only does Jordan want to climb all seven of the world’s highest summits, but he also wants to climb the highest points in each of the USA’s fifty states.

Kids News, Inc. was interested in how to train for such a feat.  Jordan shared his training with us:

“We basically trained four years to summit Mt. Everest. It was definitely most challenging because of the lack of oxygen as you got to the top. And, mentally you always have to be prepared.  We have tremendous respect for the mountains we climb. The main reason we were so successful is that we don’t take risks.

We really are a team, and that is the biggest help mentally and physically. Hours and hours a week training went into this, and it is hard to estimate the hours. My entire life is outdoors and training,” he explained.

In addition to training, Jordan enjoys other outdoor sports with his family.

“As a family, adventure is our life, and work and bills, just get in the way a bit. At this point, I enjoy everything from snow shoe racing, standup paddling, down-hill  mountain biking.… and alpine and freestyle skiing is a great way for me to be in the elements and mountains 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is much like an office job. But, it’s all about passion for the outdoors,” he stated.

Jordan uses his first hand experiences to inspire kids all over the world to be healthy, get outside, and accomplish their dreams regardless of how impossible they may seem. 

He emphasized, “I want to talk to schools and kids and help them set goals…I want to show other kids that they can set BIG goals themselves and reach them.

I have spoken at a number of schools and now through social media have    reached thousands of kids who are watching along and cheering and telling me that I have inspired them to find a goal for themselves

I want to use the publicity around climbing to show kids the benefits of being healthy and being outdoors. It’s working and it was not even dependent upon me reaching the summit. I’ve already touched the lives of kids all over the world!”

Not only has Jordan reached kids by his accomplishments, but he reached them through his journey, as well.

“I have gotten hundreds of e-mails and people tweeting throughout the entire climb. Most everyone was very supportive, which made me feel great. This is a great opportunity for me to reach out to kids. I see myself as a role model to show kids they can set goals…big goals and find adults and friends who can help them reach their goals.

Kids should get outside, be healthy, eat and drink healthy. Take one step toward their goal every day. I am proud of my accomplishments and hopefully it shows kids they can do whatever they dream.

My big message to them is to Find your own Everest. Whatever interests you or motivates you, learn all you can about it, find experts to help you experience, and make sure you are prepared before you do anything.  Also, have fun!” He concluded.

The story of Jordan Romero is truly inspiring for kids. We expect to see a lot of great things come out of what he has done, and what he will succeed with in the future.


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