Rain Forest


 by Karen Tortorella, FKO! Ed.
Rain ForestYou can google the Children’s Rain Forest Monteverde Conservation League Project online and read about the Children’s Eternal Rain forest (54,000) acres in Northwestern Costa Rica. It is the first international children’s rain forest in the the world, and the largest private reserve in Central America. The dream of a rain forest saved by children began in 1987 at a small primary school in rural Sweden.  Rald Teinsuu and his classmates bought six acres of rain forest land for $250.00 per acre. The idea caught on internationally and children from around the globe collected aluminum cans and glass, baked cookies with rain forest ingredients like chocolate, vanilla and ginger or asked for an acre of land as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Today,  children’s money supports research, maintenance, and conservation of this most precious resource. 

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