Chris Christie


by Danielle Dodaro

Chris ChristieChris Christie is running for governor of New Jersey. One of the first things he wants to do is lower taxes in New Jersey. He says he wants to help New Jersey become a more affordable place to live.  

I met Chris Christie on Tuesday, September 22nd. He was at a fundraiser that was set up to help raise money for his campaign.  He is running against Governor John Corzine.

The fundraiser was held at the Monmouth Beach Club in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.  At the fundraiser Chris Christie made a speech concerning the major issues and problems of New Jersey and how he thinks we can make it a better place, with him as governor.

Christie said in his speech that he thinks we should take NJ back and restore it to what he knew it as when he was growing up. He said right now New Jersey has become a place where people and businesses can’t afford to stay and they are moving to other states. He stated that New Jersey is number one in taxes in all 50 of our sates and there are no jobs for 10% of our people.  Pennsylvania has only 3% unemployment.

Christie also said it is time for the government to stop spending money that the state does not have.  He explained that too many people were leaving New Jersey because they cannot afford to live here anymore.

Christie further explained that if he wins the election, New Jersey’s  taxes will go through a rough period, where he will cut spending and programs that the state has wasted.  He said we need to change New Jersey for the children because the families of New Jersey children will not be able to live in the state.

He said if he wanted to work in the government for personal gain he shouldn’t bother to run; he should run so he can improve the lives of people in the state.

In addressing John Corzine’s commercial where Corzine says Chris Christie does not care about children with autism or women getting mammograms to help diagnose cancer for earlier treatment he became emotional.

“I know that it is very important for me concerning children.  I have four children,  I understand how important it is for children to get healthcare.  He also went on to service how his mom had beast cancer and because of her early diagnosis she lived another 20 years. He called Mr. Corzine’s commercials against him slanderous and untrue.

After Mr. Christie’s speech I got to ask him a few questions one on as a kid reporter for I asked Christie how he got involved in politics.

“When I was 14 years old, I met Tom Kane when he was running for governor.  He went to my hometown Livings-ton, so I got involved in politics by working on his first campaign,” he replied.

I also asked him if he thought elementary aged school kids should get involved with politics.

I do think kids should start learning about our government in elementary school. they should get involved in campaigns. There are always things kids can do.  My kids are in elementary school and they help me with my campaigns.  Kids can also get involved to help during school and help volunteer to help raise money,” he explained.

I also asked him what are the biggest problems facing families in New New Jersey?

Christie stated, “I think it is the taxes, because families can’t afford to stay in New Jersey and that is the biggest problem New Jersey has right now.

I then asked him how he is going to help.

His answer was, “I can help by going in and getting our state budget under control so we can cut people’s taxes, save them money, and let them enjoy the lifestyle they want to have.”

Mr. Christie made it very easy to speak to him and allowed me to spend time and be involved in the process.  it was a lot of fun, and I encourage other kids to get involved in their community in whatever way they can.  After all, it will someday be affecting us, directly.

EDITOR’S NOTE: invited John Corzine to be interviewed by one of our kid reporters.  He is welcome to answer the same questions and address the same issues as Chris Christie in our newspaper.
*Karen Tortorella, Editor & Publisher

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