International Medical Delegation to Honduras

Dear Editor:

    My name is Niraj Ganjawala and I am a junior studying at The University of New Mexico.
As a Pre-Medical undergraduate student, I am constantly looking for opportunities
to reach out to those in need and serve impoverished communities.  The opportunity
arrived with the kind mission of the International Medical Delegation (IMD) that is
going to reach out to the underprivileged in Honduras.

   The International Medical Delegation to Honduras is made up of exceptional Pre-Medical,
Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental, Pre-Allied Health, and socially minded students who are raising
awareness about the global demands for medicine.  In May 2010, IMD will travel to Honduras,
Central America, for the first time, to observe the need for healthcare in some of its poorest

    Our most important project is going to be with the worldwide organization of Operation
  Smile. Operation Smile has successfully established a clinic in the capital city of
  Honduras, Tegucigalpa.  Their mission is to treat children with “facial deformities such
  as cleft lips and cleft palates all around the world” ( According to
  the director of the clinic, Giannini Guell, the surgery of each child is worth $750.00.  IMD
  plans to raise enough funds for the medical appointments and operations of at least six

     According to the “Human Development Report-Honduras 2006” by the United Nations
  Developing Program, there is only one doctor available for every 3,865 citizens.
    We will be travelling to the towns of El Horno  and Montana de Azacualpa located in the
  San Buenaventura municipal that is composed of a population of about 2,250 citizens.
     IMD plans to attend an orphanage center called Casitas Kennedy to share with children
  educational information on basic hygiene.   We also plan to make this event for the
  children a moment where they can celebrate their youth and happiness by bringing them
  cake, candy pinatas and toys.  All of these supplies are going to be donated or facilitated
  by IMD funds.

     Lastly, the delegation aims to work with the worldwide organization “Habitat for
  Humanity” to provide a home to at least one poor family.  The building of this small shelter
  along with the materials needed costs around $7,500.00.  IMD attempts to pay
  this full cost or most of it. 

      We are asking for donations to this worthwhile cause.  They money that we raise
  will be used to pay for medical supplies, educational materials, and building materials.
  This is in addition to our costs for transportation, lodging and food for the students
  participating in the medical delegation. 

     A check or money order can be sent to International Medical Delegation.  The Federal
  Tax Identification number associated with the UNM Foundation is  85-0275408.  A Tax
  reduction receipt is available upon request.  You can make checks payable to UNM
  International Medical Delegation  (It is vital that you specify in the Memo that the money
  is being donated to the cause in Honduras (there is another branch that provides aid to
  another Central  American country).
   If anyone needs to contact me do not hesitate.

    Niraj Ganjawala
    Member of *UNM International Medical Delegation: Honduras
    or Liam Aguilar
    President of *UNM International Medical Delegation: Honduras*  <>
    (713) 480-3432

To visit the Operation Smile website click here.

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