by Devin Bock

interviewOver 900 excited and screaming kids rolled into the March 4th premiere of Diary of a Wimpy Kid at the Ziegfield Theatre in New York City!

There were lights and cameras and action and I got to stand on the red carpet! The movie made its debut on March 16th.

Zachary Gordon who plays Greg Heffley, and Robert Carpon who plays Rowely Jefferson came to talk to the press! I got to meet them and interview them about the movie! Also, author Jeff Kinney and producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson attended the event.

Adult and kid reporters were there and Access Hollywood, Fox News, Newsday and others took part in the excitement. I was interviewed and had my picture taken with other kid reporters for the National Education Association.

Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron were so friendly and cool. They answered every question from the press as if it were so easy for them. I liked them so much! I would like to be friends with them in real life.

interviewI was wearing my Kids News Inc. press badge and I got my questions ready for Zach and Robert and was able to hear them answer questions from other reporters as well.

The first thing I asked Zach was, did he think his character Greg learned anything in the movie?

He answered, “In the movie Greg learns he was using Rowely, and that you have to be a good friend if you want to have friends.”

I also asked Zach what the most exciting thing was about doing the movie.

He quickly answered, ”It was amazing…I was sprayed with a fire extinguisher, buckets of water were poured over my head at midnight and I ran through a thick forest”

I asked Robert Capron who plays Rowely Jefferson in the movie what was the most fun scene he got to film.

“It was when I got to ride a big wheel down a hill and when Greg threw a football at the wheel. He got to hang on a string so it looked like Rowely was flying off of the big wheel. “I think I am like Rowely in a lot of ways. I like to have fun in a situation and I like to take risks to have the most fun,” he admitted.

I then asked Zach Gordon if anything really funny happened to him when he was filming “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

He answered, “We had to film in a haunted house. When we had to go to the third floor, I was grabbing on to the coach’s arm so hard that when he let go there were indents in the coach’s arm!”

PremierWhen I asked author Jeff Kinney what was the hardest part of being an author he said, “Staying creative.”

I asked him what he liked most about being a writer. “This is the highlight of my life, if it all goes well. Meeting my fans and making them laugh. The highlight of my life and career is right here,” he explained.

“Also, the intense partnership making the movie and the writer’s pitches working with the casting, filming and animations,” he added.

I also asked how he got his ideas for his books.

He answered, “I collect jokes…tons of jokes. I weave then into stories.

Jeff Kinney told me what his books say to parents.

“It is okay to have your kids read a book like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It entertains them and humor is a very good thing and allows them to initiate. It’s a good way to get kids to read,” he explained.

”I think my stories are relatable. Everyone can see a little bit of my characters in themselves. You may have a Greg in you or a friend like Rowley,” he continued.

Does he have any more books planned for The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series?     He revealed, “Yes, one more book I’m working on, and hopefully two more     after that.”    

Then I got to talk to the producers, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson. I had to ask them, what was the hardest part of making the movie. They loved the question so I didn’t think anyone asked them it before.

“It was trying to make the 3 year old boy who played Manny to say Bubby and point, explained Nina Jacobson.

“We also asked Manny to sit on the potty when they needed him to. You would not think about how hard it was for us to do that when you are watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Brad Simpson added.

PremierI had a great time with my mom, Dana and Kids News Inc., Editor
Karen Tortorella. There was a lot going on, but we still managed to hold it together…just like Greg Heffley.


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