Eminet Domain


 by Liza Sidun

Eminet DomainI have a very strong opinion on eminent domain. Eminent domain is not a fair thing to do.  People that deserve their home should not have to move because of being forced by their own government.

It’s not fair for the government just to decide it’s “YOUR” house we want to knock down and it’s “OUR” choice. People do not even get the right amount of money for their houses.

I have brought this up because kids have seen what has happened to people’s houses at Pier Village and other places in long Branch, New Jersey. We know it is a good place, but it was wrong to take down houses and it was not a desperate need.  If we kids could tell them to stop, we would.

Also, everyone has seen signs on the homes saying “Stop Eminent Domain.” One last thing is how the children feel when the parents tell them that they had to move because the town or government wanted their house! They realize that it will no longer be there. This will make any kid sad!  Why would our world want this! STOP EMINENT DOMAIN

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