Global Warming


 by James Murphy
Global Warming I think global warming and climate change have to stop.  Pollution is a big problem on Earth that is causing a massive change in our climate.

The earth’s temperature is about 34 degrees Fahrenheit, which may not seem like a lot, but it really is.

With all the factories running everyday and all the big cars that give off exhaust unnatural pollution is horrible. Global warming is causing more natural disasters, especially hurricanes.

Storms are getting worse and worse. Since the planet is heating up from pollution, it’s melting the polar ice caps in Antarctica and the North Pole which is very bad for the earth. the Polar ice caps melting is causing the ocean to rise.  In 15-20 years the ocean will be 20 feet higher on the shore. I have some ideas on how to help global warming. One idea is to try and use natural gasses and oil to runt he cars which wouldn’t do anything to the air.

It would take 95% of air pollution away from the earth which would be amazing. Another way is solar power.  It’s a natural light that gives off solar energy.  They use it on calculators. Why not cars?

The only problem is night time which doesn’t give off enough light for solar power.  But, you can make an engine that runs on gas and solar power!  So, at night, if you need to drive, you can take off the solar panel, out the wire sin a waterproof compartment and use the engine!

This would cut down on buying gas with prices so high.  Most importantly, it would save the planet from global warming.

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